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the Dognut Story

Maiden name, Hoff. I married my bestie in 2015 and I've been a dog walker since. I started off really small, and took on clients I only felt I had a connection with. Taking my 2 dogs with me for consults, ensuring a smooth transition for each pooch into my pack. I especially love to walk in packs of up to 8 at a time. It's the only job I've ever had to actually motivate me to wake up on a daily basis. Sometimes I've had no choice - you've seen the GIF of the dog pouncing on it's owner forcing her to get up?? ((REALITY: That's my alarm clock)). Dogs are just apart of who I am. So why not be in this business??

Cutting costs for any business is essential. In the dog walking realm most of my expenses were either fuel, expensive training treats, bottled water from 7-11, and shoes! I have gone through many many shoes. I eventually got creative handcrafting unique treats for each dog brought into my care. Carefully selecting each individual ingredient for the recipient in mind. I felt it was going the extra mile: here I am feeding them with love and something so thoughtfully made just for them. It was financially responsible, a fun side hobby, and now maybe a cool side treat hustle to get me through the hump of a freaking global pandemic!

Due to this pandemic I've had to make some real adjustments. I had a baby a week before the pandemic, and have had to put my passion of dog walking on the back-burner. My drive continues; however, I am uncomfortable exposing my sweet child to so much risk whether it be Covid, or Off Leash packwalks with my baby in tow.. 

I want to expand into the dog food market. 

I've done the research. I've scoured the very large internet for tips and advice - heck I've had hundreds of dogs boork over my many various cookie recipes. Now it's time. 

Handbaked by me (Natalie, your friendly neighborhood dog walker YYCDogWalking ) right here in Woodlands!

I introduce to you the Dognut, gourmet bones, fresh sardine pizzas, and coming soon!... Dognut Icecream!

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